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Delete it.
Guys, TikTok is not good for you. If you aren’t convinced by the Chinese app’s questionable activities (spying!) and its reported banning in countries, direct your attention to KJ Apa, the New Zealand actor who plays Archie in the weird teen show, Riverdale.Apa—or someone ...
Here's everything you need to know before Season Two—and why you should watch it.
A murdered high school student in a small town exposes the dark secrets under the perfection of the American Dream. A quaint diner is the hangout of choice for local teens. There’s a faded sign showing two mountains and the words: “Welcome ...
Come for the attractive cast and nostalgia, stay for the mystery and soapy drama
You've probably seen the trailer on the Internet: a sleepy old-fashioned town amid dense, foggy forests, extremely attractive teenagers who represent every high school stereotype in existence, family drama, high school exploits, adolescent angst, and numerous scenes of gorgeous humans making out ...
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