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Morgan Neville loaded up a playlist featuring Dylan, Gaye, and more, with recommendations from Bourdain's friends.
Filmmaker Morgan Neville's documentary about Anthony Bourdain has found itself in a bit of a controversy lately—but there's no denying that Neville set out to make the most essential, unshakeable tribute to the late chef.If you had any doubt that Neville is still committed to preserving ...
Director Morgan Neville takes us inside the 'sea of grief' he waded into, and what made it so 'fucking hard' to do.
The last thing director Morgan Neville wanted to do in his documentary about Anthony Bourdain was eulogize Anthony Bourdain. This wouldn't be a stroll down memory lane, with everyone swapping tall tales about their dearly departed friend. This, Neville says, was his attempt ...
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