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Effective immediately.
Jose Roberto “Robbie” Antonio has resigned as co-Managing Director and member of the Board of Directors of listed property development company Century Properties Group Inc. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Monday, the company said Antonio was leaving his ...
The unicorn startup says it remains committed to its goal of helping more people own beautiful homes.
Local unicorn startup Revolution Precrafted has responded to news reports questioning the status of its ongoing projects. In a statement sent to Esquire Philippines on Saturday, February 29, the company said that while it had initially offered prefabricated homes, pavilions, and related structures designed ...
Back-to-back news stories suggest all is not well with Revolution Precrafted.
When Robbie Antonio founded Revolution Precrafted in 2015, it was an ambitious startup that sought to connect home buyers with some of the world’s most recognizable names in architecture and design to create made-to-order homes for anyone anywhere in the world. Prefabricated ...
He was at President Donald Trump’s luxury resort in Florida.
At US President Donald Trump’s annual New Year’s Eve bash at his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago, where his family and close friends welcomed 2020, there was at least one Filipino guest. Robbie Antonio, managing director of Century Properties and founder and CEO of his ...
Robbie Antonio leads an impressive team of design experts in a revolution of precrafted homes.
"Time is our enemy here at Revolution but it’s also my greatest impetus,” Robbie Antonio says, as we make our way down the narrow hallway that runs through his penthouse office. “We never have enough of it.” A welcome interruption from a ...
Robbie Antonio introduces the concept that revolutionizes art and architecture with designs that are “transportable, accessible, and collectible.”
When Robbie Antonio dreams, he dreams big. As the founder and CEO of Revolution Precrafted Properties, an innovative enterprise that produces and sells limited edition prefabricated homes and pavilions, Robbie is set on democratizing the ultra high-end architecture arena by making designer ...
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