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Warning: general story and plot twists discussed in detail. This is a post-viewing conversation, after all.
For every 10 people coming out of the cinema proclaiming praises for the most recent Star Wars installment, there's always that one person who leaves still with apprehension. This conversation is about one of them: a post-Rogue One reaction from a non-Star Wars ...
A Star Wars marathon is in order.
In this last century, several unfortunate historic events have divided nations and major groups.In August 1914, Germany waged a battle against Europe that eventually sparked the first World War, which divided many nations. In 1955, a war of ideologies split Korea into ...
The film is laden with squeal-inducing references for Star Wars fans, without depending on nostalgia to function on its own merit.
As if the year in politics hasn’t been polarizing enough, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the latest film in the Star Wars Universe, is capping 2016 off with an audience torn between heartfelt praise and fretful discontent. However, the latter is ...
The first stand-alone Star Wars film isn't perfect, but this makes no sense.
Rogue One does everything it needs to do. It has all the little nods to the original that'll trigger your nostalgia, it fills the gaping Star Wars void in your soul (or at least your year), and keeps the struggling small business ...
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