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How to wear this uber-watch? Keep everything else simple.
Justin Bieber’s Mat Gala look was a study in simplicity and sophistication.At least, relatively.While Kid Cudi wore a Louis Vuitton skirt plus a $1 million KAWS x Ben Baller pendant, accessorized with heavy eyeliner (black), nail varnish (blue), hair dye (green), and ...
There's also the Explorer collection that is a tribute to the adventurers who made their mark in the 20th century.
The big news for Rolex this year is its new Explorer collection. First, the new generation Explorer now comes with a new bi-metal variant aside from the all-steel version. The unusual inclusion of precious metal for the new generation Explorer watch gives ...
Speculation that the Datejust previously belonged to the president's late son Beau was false.
Yesterday, I wrote a story about a watch. This, in and of itself, isn't exactly unusual. We love watches at Esquire, and we love to write about them. This watch, though, was unusual, in that it belongs to the president of the United States and became a ...
An investigation into the enduring popularity of the watch brand that wears the crown.
Last November, in the misty Before Times when people could still share physical space with one another, a ballroom in an exclusive midtown Manhattan hotel welcomed 110 apex watch collectors from 13 countries for cocktails, lunch, and a “sexpile.”Before your head fills ...
Come December, bidding begins on two iconic watch styles from two equally iconic Hollywood legends.
Forget separating the artist from his art. For a certain type of collector, it's all about separating the artist from Diehard watch enthusiasts are as enthralled with proximity to celebrity as the rest of us. An association with a big-name star ...
The luxury watch brand unveils its 2020 collection.
Whenever Rolex announces its new collection, it’s always big news. Last July, when Tudor staged its global debut of the Black Bay Fifty-Eight Navy Blue and after months of speculation, the 2020 Rolex collection was unveiled last September 1st.Top Story: These Philippine Airports are ...
The iconic dive watch gets a whopping eight updated iterations this year.
The rumormongers had it pretty much right. From the middle of August, when it became known that Rolex would be announcing some major updates September 1 to one of its core lines of watches, the big money was on the famous Submariner, a ...
Vintage Subs? Check. Daytonas? Yep, those too.
Buying a watch isn't the first thing on a lot of folks' minds right now, and that's understandable. We should, all of us, be considering how we can give directly to support the cause that people around the country are marching for. Then, we ...
Bob's Watches has five incomparable versions of the watch for sale right now.
Talk for longer than a couple of minutes to anyone who's really into watches, and you're pretty much guaranteed to hear some version of the following: "A watch tells a story." Yes, in the era of smartphones and fitness trackers, a mechanical ...
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