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The grand duchesses innocently fell in love with the soldiers and officers they met.
It's been a century since the Romanovs were slain, and yet, their story still manages to fascinate many today. One side that's often unexplored are the young princesses' many suitors. As noblewomen, the princesses were expected to marry into similar houses. Though ...
7 highly attainable traits define the romantic idol.
When it comes to romance narratives, the default description for the leading man is "tall, dark, and handsome." These qualities are assumed to be the attributes of an alpha male, who—based on Charles Darwin's theory—is the most desirable kind of man.For starters, ...
We foray into the forbidden waters of Tinder to examine love (and sex) in the age of swipe-right dating.
He's a fruitarian. The first Tinder date I went on wasn't exactly mine; it was my friend Suzy's. We were vacationing in Amsterdam in 2013 and we thought, why the hell not? We were single, in an exotic, foreign land, and more importantly, ...
Learn to love them.
Romantic comedies are not your enemy. When most people think of rom-coms—often disparagingly dubbed "chick flicks," a term that needs to die a quick death—they probably think of bubbly, 90-minute movies featuring a Katherine Heigl or a Jennifer Aniston looking for love ...
One man's turmoil of dating in Makati, then not having even just P10 to get home.
Valentine's Day is when you're most aware of your loved ones—not just of your significant other, but of your family, friends, the people around you. But it also makes you fully realize the love that you don't have. Hence, our Sawi Series, ...
There's nothing more romantic than renting an island for two.
The extraordinary man has extraordinary tastes. A dinner date? That's what you do on Saturday nights. Valentine's Day is an entirely different ball game—and it's time to level up. This is the moment when you should say "I love you" in a big ...
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