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Take a tour of the real-life palaces used on set.
It’s been a little over a century since the assassination of Russia’s last tsar and his family, yet it has been a favorite topic among historians, television series, and documentaries alike. By now you might have binge-watched all eight episodes of the ...
The Romanov couple left behind a romantic—and forbidden—love story that's remembered until today.
A fairytale match, the story of Nicholas II and Alexandra is one of love and strife. Constantly embroiled in familial and social politics, the couple remained in love until their tragic end exactly 100 years ago. The couple first met in 1884 ...
Owned by different matriarchs from the Russian and British royal families, the Vladimir Tiara has survived a revolution, smuggling, and many redesigns.
With the recent centennial anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the world can’t help but reflect on what is indisputably one of the most perplexing periods in history, and of course, the infamous family caught in the middle of it all—the Romanovs. Today, ...
The grand duchesses innocently fell in love with the soldiers and officers they met.
It's been a century since the Romanovs were slain, and yet, their story still manages to fascinate many today. One side that's often unexplored are the young princesses' many suitors. As noblewomen, the princesses were expected to marry into similar houses. Though ...
Rostislav Romanov is one of the members of Russia's Romanov family with a direct connection to the now-defunct monarchy.
Was the Romanov death one of the most tragic events to ever befall Russian history? The murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family, which led to the downfall of the Romanov dynasty almost a century ago, did not necessarily mean the ...
What’s real—and what isn’t—about Russia’s most storied royal family.
However thoroughly debunked, the myths that surround the Romanov family continue to endure. Everyone’s heard stories of the missing Duchess Anastasia, the mad monk Rasputin, and Russia’s missing treasures. As captivating as the stories may be, they tell us more about our ...
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