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Is this Megxit 2.0?
Despite the fact that monarchies are a century or two out of fashion, the timeless drama of royals continues to be a source of endless fascination to the public. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Princess Diana captivated the world, and in the ...
The two-hour session gathered academics, experts in misinformation, advocates for teens and the marginalized, journalists, and others.
Creating online communities free of danger and misinformation is crucial in building a better world, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex told an online audience Tuesday during a special Time100 Talks episode she curated with her husband, Prince Harry.MORE STORIES ON PRINCE HARRY ...
Harry and Meghan have urged Americans to vote.
U.S. President Donald Trump took a swipe at the Duchess of Sussex on Wednesday after the former Meghan Markle and Prince Harry participated in a Time 100 video urging Americans to vote.Top Story: Gabby Lopez Resigns as Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBNMeghan, an American, ...
The world’s oldest monarchy has only two male heirs left in line.
After a princess renounced her royal title to marry a commoner and the emperor abdicated, it's safe to assume that the Japanese monarchy is continuously shrinking. The family is running short on male heirs, too, with the youngest and second-in-line at age ...
The reign of the next emperor will be known as the Reiwa era.
The month of May will mark the beginning of the Reiwa era for Japan as Crown Prince Naruhito will be inaugurated as the 126th emperor.The Kenji to Shokei no Gi, one of the ceremonies to mark the accession of Naruhito, will take ...
From Creed to Penhaligon's, these classics are the favorite of kings and princes.
Royals have been known to stick to their favorites. In fact, they've even awarded those who have supplied goods and services to them with a royal warrant of appointment. Through time, these have included nothing but the finest manufacturers of clothes, cars, ...
Meet the fashion models, designers, and magazine editors of royalty.
Style is practically a given in a royal family. After all, it’s almost impossible not to develop refined tastes when surrounded with the best the world has to offer.These young royals have, in fact, been so enamored with the fashion world that they ...
Less is known about Prince Albert, but he was actually a dominant figure and influence behind Queen Victoria's successful reign.
It was not until Prince Albert’s death in 1861 that his contributions to the monarch and the country were immensely appreciated, as he had often been deemed as a German interloper by British society during his lifetime. During his life, he was ...
The story about how Mexico’s monarchy lasted for less than a year.
On September 27, 1821, Agustin de Iturbide and his Army of the Three Guarantees marched into Mexico City and declared the nation’s independence from Spain. He was later installed as the monarch of the First Mexican Empire, tasked with bringing order to ...
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