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Shocker: It won't be bangers and mash.
Okay patriots, you can toss all your presumptions about bad English shepherd's pie and sausage bangers away. The menu at the royal wedding will be good.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to have their wedding reception catered by Table Talk, which boasts ...
The actress matched funds donated by supporters when she ran the London marathon.
Tracing the source of wealth of truly rich royals is always fascinating. Perhaps it's due to birthright. Or leading a country with a wellspring of oil reserves. Or being born into a family that has accumulated fine jewelry, exquisite art, and even territorial land.Here, ...
*whispers* Hail Hydra
Monaco's Princess Gabriella was seen out on the town recently with her royal twin, Prince Jacques, and their parents, Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene, at Monaco’s annual Sainte Devote procession. Sainte Devote is the sovereign city state’s patron saint.Three-year-old Gabriella is ...
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