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The contract was expected to be signed this year.
The Philippines is set to become the first country in Southeast Asia to purchase BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles jointly developed by India and Russia. Multiple media reports say the Philippines and India will sign the purchase agreement during a planned meeting between ...
DTI says it’s the first shipment of the product to Russia.
A brand of coconut milk is being made available to the Russian market for the first tiime. A shipment of one-liter packages of Coco Daily coconut milk, a product of Century Pacific Agri Ventures, Inc. (CPAVI), arrived in the city of Saint Petersburg ...
Pack your bags for the cultural capital of Russia.
Starting October 1, Philippine passport holders can visit the Russian city of Saint Petersburg with a free electronic visa. Instead of having to apply for a visa months in advance, Russia is now allowing Filipinos to obtain an e-visa online, which will ...
The Romanov couple left behind a romantic—and forbidden—love story that's remembered until today.
A fairytale match, the story of Nicholas II and Alexandra is one of love and strife. Constantly embroiled in familial and social politics, the couple remained in love until their tragic end exactly 100 years ago. The couple first met in 1884 ...
Your morning commute doesn't have to look dreary
Beauty and underground stations don't always go hand-in-hand, especially for the millions of daily riders slogging their way to work or school every day across the world. But the underground isn't always drab, dingy and dreary, as evidenced by these seven stunning ...
The Russian government has proposed building a new 8,400-mile route
A journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway is often hailed as the trip of a lifetime, mostly because the 6,152 mile route between Moscow and Vladivostok is believed to be the longest you can take on just one train. Yet the historic railway ...
What’s real—and what isn’t—about Russia’s most storied royal family.
However thoroughly debunked, the myths that surround the Romanov family continue to endure. Everyone’s heard stories of the missing Duchess Anastasia, the mad monk Rasputin, and Russia’s missing treasures. As captivating as the stories may be, they tell us more about our ...
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