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You gotta appreciate how Ukrainians are finding humor in this tragedy. 
“Russian warship, go fuck yourself.”Uttered by the brave soldiers of Ukraine’s Snake Island, these words have become the war cry of Ukrainian forces defending their homeland from Russian invaders. The recording of these words quickly went viral, and Ukrainians have embodied the ...
Sanctions and stock pullouts are hitting the Russian billionaires where it hurts: their net worth.
The ruble is tanking, major Western companies are pulling out of Russia, and the economic sanctions against Putin’s country are only getting worse. These are the economic effects of Russia’s Ukrainian invasion as the West and its allies attempt an economic siege ...
According to blockchain analytics platform Elliptic, over 22,000 sizable donations have been made, with the median donation amounting to $95 while the largest donation reaching $3 million.
The cryptocurrency trading community has made a huge gesture of solidarity for the Ukrainians facing the Russian invasion. In just two days, the government of Ukraine and local NGOs have raised over $20 million (about P1 billion) in crypto donations from anonymous ...
It foreshadows why Russia could lose the war.
The most unexpected exchange between a Ukrainian civilian and a crew of a BMP-1 Russian tank was captured on camera and uploaded online, showing a glimpse of why Russia could lose the war in Ukraine.A civilian in Ukraine was driving on a ...
The year was 1986.
The world's worst nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine 36 years ago had far-reaching impacts on the Philippines, located literally on the other side of the planet.It was April 1986, and the Philippines just ousted the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his successor, Corazon ...
Could Taiwan be the next Ukraine?
While the world’s attention is fixed squarely on the Russian missiles targeting Ukraine, tension might also be brewing halfway across the world in China and Taiwan. The Washington Post revealed that a Chinese state-owned media group accidentally published censorship guidelines on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. ...
Russia sent its destroyer, the Admiral Panteleyev, to Southeast Asia. 
Russia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations conducted maritime exercises in early December to increase the interoperability capabilities between participating countries. The ASEAN-Russia Naval Exercise is the first joint naval drill between Russia and its Southeast Asian partners. "The exercise has a strategic ...
The contract was expected to be signed this year.
The Philippines is set to become the first country in Southeast Asia to purchase BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles jointly developed by India and Russia. Multiple media reports say the Philippines and India will sign the purchase agreement during a planned meeting between ...
DTI says it’s the first shipment of the product to Russia.
A brand of coconut milk is being made available to the Russian market for the first tiime. A shipment of one-liter packages of Coco Daily coconut milk, a product of Century Pacific Agri Ventures, Inc. (CPAVI), arrived in the city of Saint Petersburg ...
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