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The Russo brothers have announced that a follow-up is on the way, along with a spin-off.
In this golden age of streamer entertainment, much has been made over who holds the power for films and TV series to be recommissioned. The answer? Turns out it’s Ryan Gosling’s mum. Just days after she announced in private that her boy’s newest ...
Joe and Anthony Russo are taking on an even greater challenge: building a new studio from scratch.
If this were a movie instead of a magazine piece about the directors Anthony and Joe Russo—who, in the course of a twenty-year career, have helped fashion two network-TV cult hits (Arrested Development and Community), three feature-film comedies (including Welcome to Collinwood ...
You don't need to waste 40 hours on a Marvel movie marathon.
To fully get up to speed before the release of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel newbies would need to work through all 21 movies in the series. With an average run-time of around 120 minutes, that's 40+ hours of superhero flicks in just 16 ...
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