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Meet Hidalgo’s 'Marina' from the 1900s at Salcedo Auctions and place your bid.
Félix Resurrección Hidalgo is a familiar name in Philippine art. The impressionist was one of the greatest Filipino painters of the 19th century and his works are still highly sought after to this day. Alongside his contemporary Juan Luna, Hidalgo won at ...
Artist Lito Carating, a favorite of MVP and other high-profile collectors, presents introspective pieces in his private show Vivace.
Despite decades of accolades and artistry, Lito Carating doesn’t revel in the spotlight. Instead, the artist prefers to let his work speak for itself. It’s an ethos Carating abides by, sometimes to the point of intransigence. His long-time friend and collector, development economist ...
Using objects such as passports, mahjong sets, and Russian dolls, the following artists pay tribute to their moms and the complexity of being a mother.
Mother's—they are women first, with dreams, fears, and memories. It can be unsettling to realize that they are not infallible, but paying honest tribute to them entails embracing their past and all the complexities that come with it.  This idea is explored in ...
It’s a record price for the contemporary Filipino artist.  
If you’re going by the weekend sale of that massive mural-style Elmer Borlongan painting and other notable artworks and pieces, then you can say that the want—the need!—for beautiful things is alive and well in Manila.At Salcedo Auction’s Important Philippine Art & Furniture sale, the 13-by-14-feet ...
The mural-style Elmer Borlongan artwork holds a wealth of meanings for creatives and creation.
There are two notable things about the large-scale Elmer Borlongan artwork that is set to go under the hammer of Salcedo Auctions’ upcoming Important Philippine Art & Furniture event. First, it’s humongous. Like really, really, really big.In a phone conversation with Esquire Philippines, director ...
Gavel&Block’s online auction features Regency- and Louis XVI-style pieces that will please the stone-faced duke, the secret social observer, or any of the brave Bridgertons.
No shame in admitting how you’ve succumbed to the naughty sweetness of Bridgerton, especially since everyone and their grandmother—82 million households to be exact—have watched the costume drama, which is now Netflix’s biggest show (sorry to The Witcher).  If you’re thirsty for the next season, ...
Four female artists from the new art collective, Project 20, reflect the dramatic changes in the world around them.
“People have now shifted to the worldwide web. I think we should utilize the platform, especially for artists who have no access to galleries and are underrepresented,” says Mimi Salibio, one of the artists of Project 20, whose works are going on sale ...
The painting had spent the last 126 years in the home of a private collector in Europe.
UPDATE (9/21/19): La Pintura, En la soledad del bosque by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo went under the hammer today and was sold for a record-breaking price of P78,256,000, a big leap from its original starting price of P18,000,000.ORIGINAL: The 1893 Exposicion Historico-Natural y ...
The 109-lot auction is expected to fetch a tidy sum, given the stunning items on the block.
An estimated 3,500 Filipino children are diagnosed with cancer every year, according to a 2014 study in online journal Cancer Control. Of these cases, only 30 percent of the children survive in the long-term. Some of these children will be the beneficiaries ...
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