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That shouldn't be happening.
We have lots of recent evidence to suggest Earth is weird—really weird. Our planet, for example, mysteriously pulsates every 26 seconds, has a secret hidden layer, is rapidly getting colder (but only on one side), and just might be casually harboring an ancient alien world.Now, right on cue, ...
The tech giant’s flagship smartphone is packed with features.
Many smartphone makers trumpet the features of each new gadget at launch in typical breathless hyperbole. But in the case of Samsung’s latest—the Galaxy S21 Series, which was launched earlier this week— the pronouncements of truly groundbreaking tech are accurate and well-earned. The ...
A new release pays homage to 175 years of watchmaking tradition.
Date windows are a peculiarity of watchmaking that often prove divisive. For some, the date windows often added to existing watch designs to offer a little newness are considered an annoying and unnecessary intrusion, messing up the otherwise clean design of a ...
A review of Samsung’s flagship foldable phone.
Samsung launched its flagship foldable phone, the Galaxy Z Fold2, last September, and tech watchers have been frothing at the mouth since. Sleek, bold, and luxurious, the phone has been getting rave reviews from all over, from tech experts and people who ...
We tried a few devices in Samsung Galaxy’s ecosystem.
Most mobile phone users today are Team Apple or Team Android and have very strong opinions either way. After you get used to one platform, you develop a familiarity, and ultimately, loyalty. Even when you upgrade your hardware you usually stick with ...
Samsung unveils the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, the most powerful phone the company has ever made.
Don’t you just get tired of all the techie platitudes that come out of the CEO’s mouth whenever there’s a launch of a new product? Meaningful innovations. Intelligent connections. Maximized efficiency. New possibilities. Creative solutions. Year after year, it’s always about being bigger, ...
Details make all the difference.
Can you remember any one piece of men's jewelry that's enjoyed more of a moment recently than the simple, unassuming neck-chain? Bolstered by a scene-stealing turn in Hulu's Normal People (as modeled by the inimitably thick-thighed Paul Mescal) the humble necklace has experienced a glow-up ...
Joel Binamira shares his insights on the local restaurant scene.
An informal survey held by Zubuchon’s Joel Binamira (a.k.a. Marketman) shows that people are not yet ready to go back to dining out—or spend as much for it.In an Instagram post on May 14, Binamira asked his followers: “Once quarantine restrictions are ...
An iPrice Group study breaks down the most searched-for mobile phone brands in the country.
What’s the most popular smartphone brand in the Philippines? Most people would probably answer Samsung and Apple only because their ads are just so ubiquitous and they’ve had such a chokehold on the market for years. But as the results of an independent ...
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