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It’s right upstairs from one of the newest boutique hotels in the surf town.
If you take public transportation to San Juan, La Union, the bus stop is right in front of 7-Eleven. If you get there at night, look up at one of the taller buildings on the right side of the road, and you’ll ...
There's lots to discover in one of the country's smallest cities.
San Juan City has 21 barangays and boasts of a central location in Metro Manila as it is bounded by Manila, Quezon City, and Mandaluyong. It is a small city with a land area of merely 5.94 square kilometers and a population ...
In high school, I often glimpsed actress Gina Alajar strolling on the street tangent to ours and felt an aching whenever she passed.
“They say the mayfly lives only for a day. Pity the mayfly born on a wet day,” writes the bard. I say pity the mayfly born anywhere in San Juan, Metro Manila, on St. John the Baptist Day. When I was growing ...
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