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Manila has one of the last pairs of the sold-out sneaker.
To recap: There exists a Dunkin' Saucony sneaker.The purveyor of carbs and coffee and the maker of athletic shoes are strange bedfellows, but this sneaker, in fact, is their second collaboration. This is not weird at all, because both companies are from ...
Because it's always the right time for donuts. Even during a marathon.
It's never a bad time for a food-themed sneaker—especially when that food is a donut and when that sneaker is meant for marathon running. A year ago, Saucony launched a Dunkin'-themed sneaker for the 2018 Boston Marathon. And for this year's race, that sneaker ...
Do you know that running brand Saucony has its own superstar sneaker styles from the '80s?
A little sleuthing on the Internet provides us with this important information: It's pronounced “sock-uh-knee.” Not “saw-saw-nee.” With that out of the way, let's proceed to these new beauties, which are actually, old. From athletic brand Saucony, two in-fashion sneakers originally from the ...
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