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This year, smell like a royal.
Here’s the story so far: In 1760, the House of Creed began its life in London as a supplier of scented gloves, clothing, and, perfume for the English court. In fact, its very first perfume, Royal English Leather, was created for King ...
As the hot summer months set in, the key to feeling fresh throughout the day is to smell fresh, too. If you feel like you’re not getting maximum wear from your go-to scent, here are tips to keep it going strong.
There’s a powerful connection between scent and memory, and you want to make an impression by triggering just the right one—but how can you make perfume last longer so that people will remember you long after you’ve left the room?   Here are ...
Now that the warmer months have rolled in, it’s time to switch up your scent game. Here are a few suggestions for fragrances that will wear well, even in the heat
When it comes to grooming, it’s easy to fall into the same old habits, sticking with the exact same fragrance all year round, probably the signature scent you’ve been wearing since high school—so here, we present to you our lineup of summer ...
The men's scents to spice up summer.
T-shirts, the shades, hordes of people suddenly drinking outside—here we are enveloped by blissful, terrifying sunny weather. As it warms up, make a subtler switch with fragrance.Here, lighter and fresher scents to heat up the nostrils, including scents from Jo Malone, Comme ...
Plus a few other facts about smells.
Know what you like Say you like spaghetti, and there are eight Italian joints in the neighborhood. You nosh around until you find your favorite, right? The same applies to scents. You have to know your genre. Are you a floral, oriental, ...
Give the woman in your life the gift of smelling incredibly sensual.
Gilded LuxuryWhen Marc Jacobs launched the rich, opulent fragrance, Marc Jacobs Decadence, women all over the world swooned in delight. It exuded sophistication, with a bit of seduction thrown into the mix.Marc Jacobs reinvents the luxurious Decadence scent with Marc Jacobs Divine ...
Scents that smell like secret gardens, an exotic island adventure, and a weekend in the Hamptons in the 1920s, amony many others.
If you have a particular liking for light perfumes, as opposed to those that linger all day because they’re strongly and heavily scented, these fragrances are made for you-with brighter and zestier notes that last and lean toward floral or clean and fresh. ...
Unisex scents are more popular than ever.
Until the middle of the 20th Century, there was no such thing as a women's or a men's fragrance—there were only fragrances. The fact that we've been trained to think of women's scents as "perfume" and men's as "cologne" is nothing more ...
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