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It updates a familiar The Dalmore favorite.
Most Scotch whisky brands have a long and proud history, and The Dalmore is no exception. With a story that dates back to the 13th century, the premium brand owned by Whyte & Mackay (and Emperador Inc) is often considered in a ...
Get out of your comfort zone and try a glass or two of these authentic Scotch whiskies.
The Philippines isn’t exactly whisky country. We like our beer and we like our gin, and between the two, there’s hardly any room left for anything else. But growth on the whisky front isn’t only possible, it’s inevitable. Online Statistics portal Statista estimates ...
The Johnnie Walker House offers every color in the world famous Scotch whisky's lineup.
“Whisky should be for whoever wants to have whisky,” says Andrea Raralio, senior brand manager for Johnnie Walker Philippines. TV shows like Mad Men may have framed the proper consumption of whisky as something done at work, served neat, and with a ...
The Dalmore's Paterson collection, with 12 individual bottles of rare whiskies from 1926 to the 1990s, was purchased by a young collector.
The Dalmore, a British luxury whisky maker, has confirmed reports that its prized Paterson collection has sold. The Paterson Collection is a compendium of Dalmore single malts featuring 12 individual bottles of rare whiskies, from 1926 to the 1990s. Valued at £987,500 ...
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