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A fitting model for its diamond year.
It was in April 1946 when Italian motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio introduced the Vespa motorcycle, ushering in an amazing and stylish mode of transport. Introduced just after the end of the Second World War, it gave the Italians a new sense of freedom ...
Seiko’s new Style60’s range is a tribute to the Tokyo 1964 Olympics.
The Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics is now regarded as the most influential Games ever for a host nation. Having spent the last two decades rebuilding after World War II, joining the United Nations, and generally fostering an image of stability and modernity, ...
The marque releases a piece purpose-built for the Japanese 'nomunication' cocktail hour
'Cocktail watch' is yet another term bandied around with no clear explanation or illumination as to what it actually is (like dress watch, and the even vaguer 'sports' watch). So we'll tell you. A cocktail watch is usually delicate, and almost always feminine ...
From thick cuff to gentle dome, Seiko introduces a fateful rendition of its first sports watch, the Alpinist. 
Who knew a virtual watch summit can stir up unexpected emotions? At one point during the first day of Seiko’s online summit, the following words were uttered: “Better times are coming.” Like all of us, the beloved Japanese watchmaker believes in a ...
Branching out in style.
Seiko has produced watches with dials inspired by the green moss of winter, the red leaves of autumn, and the white peaks of Mount Hotaka. It has released a model whose dial color mimics the mangrove swamps on Iriomote, an island in the Okinawa Prefecture, ...
The SBGE263—aka the Eagle GMT Limited Edition—contains the company’s ingenious Spring Drive movement.
Grand Seiko’s rise in popularity in America continues apace with the launch last week of the USA GS9 Club, a community set up by the brand for owners of Grand Seiko watches—meaning you can’t get in unless you have already bought one ...
Grand Seiko introduces a new batch of drool-worthy watches, which you can now purchase at its online boutique.
Despite a most cursed year, Grand Seiko has made the best of its 60th anniversary. The Japanese luxury watch brand nixed a splashy celebration in Tokyo early in 2020, opting for a digital tour and the continued release of several limited edition ...
The luxury watchmaker from Japan marks an important year with ultra-rare timepieces.
Grand Seiko, the premium label of the beloved Japanese watch brand, marks its 60th anniversary in 2020 and would have kicked off year-long celebrations in March. But then the world decided to have a meltdown and so plans for a Tokyo fete ...
The Toge GMT, a special collaboration with Watches of Switzerland, is now available for pre-order.
Seiko, the Japanese giant of watchmaking at the affordable end of the spectrum, has been in business for 140 years, much of that spent in making iconic, functional pieces that remain popular and collectable like the 62MAS, its first diver released in ...
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