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Laurie Juspeczyk returns with a new last name, and a copy of Esquire that we will be talking about.
Laurie Blake likes to tell jokes these days. Thirty years after she—then known as Laurie Juspeczyk—failed to stop Adrian Veidt from killing millions in New York, she sits down in a booth designed to contact her ex-boyfriend Doctor Manhattan on Mars. She ...
Creator Mike Flanagan says The Haunting of Bly Manor is much more terrifying than Season One.
Netflix's surprise 2018 hit The Haunting of Hill House was based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel of the same name—a classic piece of horror fiction that served as the foundation for the genre. Now, series creator Mike Flanagan tells Birth.Death.Movies that Season Two will be based ...
Netflix dropped the teaser for its new fantasy series at San Diego Comic-Con.
At San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix dropped the official teaser trailer for its upcoming series The Witcher.Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, who plays witcher Geralt of Rivia, explained the premise of the show's world in a comic-con panel discussion. "A witcher is a young boy ...
Episode Four ends with some distressing foreshadowing.
As Episode Four of Big Little Lies came to a close, the worst possible vision floated (quite literally) through Elizabeth’s mind—flashes of her daughter, Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) suspended lifeless in a wave seeming to suggest that Bonnie has a dark fate ahead of her ...
It's a shame that such a poignant scene was muddied with so many flopping appendages.
Though Euphoria is only two episodes in, HBO's newest series has amassed more critical attention than most shows see through their entire run. Before the series debuted, word of statutory rape scenes and drug use swirled around the internet and into the minds of concerned parents hoping to ...
Westeros' own Taggart has cracked the case
The enduring mystery of how a coffee cup came to be left right in front of Daenerys during the last season of Game of Thrones is up there with Murder on the Orient Express in terms of its apparent inexplicability.Fortunately, though, Sophie Turner has been in her low-lit ...
A Song of Ice and Fire readers should prepare for another controversial ending.
The good news for anyone who thought the final few seasons of Game of Thrones were an absolute mess is that there are more books coming! Yes, George R.R. Martin is allegedly writing the finale to his series—which he's been working on since the '70s. But, the ...
A finale has no leaks
Game of Thrones clearly went to extreme measures to avoid leaks of the final season, going so far as to bring in decoys for one pivotal scene.New HBO documentary The Last Watch has revealed some big behind-the-scenes secrets for season 8, including how it invited ...
Same, to be honest.
To think that the Game of Thrones creators knew that Bran Stark would end up on the Iron Throne when they were first promoting Season One is a bit of a stretch. At that time, they had no idea that the show would be such a ...
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