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No offense to Asa Butterfield, but Otis is a despicable friend, boyfriend, and son.
I've played out this moment—yes, this very moment, the one we're sharing right now—in my head a thousand times.Sometimes, when I think about it, I laugh. It's a hearty Joker laugh, the corners of my lips inching toward my ears, my cackles ...
Sex talk isn’t quite what we expected in this impromptu conversation with a real, honest-to-goodness sex therapist.
She was hanging out by the bar talking to my friends when I walked in. Introductions were made and when my friends made a big deal about her being famous, I inquired about her profession. “She’s a sex therapist!” one of them said, ...
Here's what you need to know before touching yourself.
Masturbation is often viewed as a taboo subject, but in actuality, it is a natural and healthy activity. You might’ve heard a lot of side effects and negative results caused by touching yourself, but how true are those? Here are some of the ...
The second season reminds us that sex is about self-acceptance and, most important, normal. 
Sex Education should be mandatory viewing. The British Netflix series, which follows the sexual (mis)adventures of a group of teens, including one awkward son of a sex therapist who gives sex advice to his peers, explores sex and relationships in an honest, funny, ...
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