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Dogs, the ultimate wingman.
A few years ago, “dogfishing” became a thing after a host of single men started adding pictures with dogs on their dating profiles to get more matches. The catch? The dogs weren’t theirs, but these shameless fellas knew the pups would up their ...
According to a study.
We've always been told to communicate things early but if you want to be popular with the ladies, apparently that's not the way to go.Today in ridiculous discoveries: mumbling has been found to be a turn-on for women as it is a sign of ...
According to research, even the number of guests matters.
Maybe it's just me, but have you guys also noticed that this past year, more and more people are either getting engaged or married? You've probably been in the same situation as I have: One minute you're scrolling through your Facebook or ...
"It makes sense that as a single [person] you also want to have physical contact."
As we going into the nth quarantine in the Philippines, it's time to look back at some of the advice we've been given since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. There are, of course, vital things to remember like physical distancing, wearing a mask, ...
Bumble just unveiled its first-ever café in NYC.
Bumble Brew, Bumble’s first-ever café, is almost here. The dating app will launch its café on July 24 in New York City. It’s designed to be a “safe space for healthy equitable relationships and connections,” according to Bumble. In short, a place to ...
The more you know.
Historically, the folk myth that a man's height and shoe size are linked to penis size has always been believed. Let's not forget hand size while we're at it. But, it's been proven that all of the above have little to no correlation to ...
One scientist warns that men won’t be able to reproduce by 2045.
The fate of mankind is looking a little precarious right now.According to Dr. Shanna Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Mount Sinai in New York, pollution is not just destroying our planet—it’s disrupting fertility in men.In Swan’s new book Count Down, ...
The app is partnering with a female-founded, non-profit background check platform that reveals violence and abuse history.
There's a lot of feelings that go through your mind before a first date: making a bad first impression, saying the wrong thing, or even going on a date with a potential serial killer.The same especially goes for online dating with its broader ...
Nothing says romance like 11 months in lockdown.
According to YouGov data, one in five Filipinos have stopped dating altogether since the pandemic began. Looks like zoom dates aren’t really all that appealing. While 20 percent of the 1,012 Filipinos surveyed opted to not date at all, around 22 percent ...
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