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Nothing says romance like 11 months in lockdown.
According to YouGov data, one in five Filipinos have stopped dating altogether since the pandemic began. Looks like zoom dates aren’t really all that appealing. While 20 percent of the 1,012 Filipinos surveyed opted to not date at all, around 22 percent ...
Not that kind of cheating.
Ever swiped left at those pesky dating app ads? "Subscribe here for more matches"? You would be surprised by the millions who've opted to actually pay those premium fees for more, well, premium matches.According to Match Group, which operates dating apps like ...
Feeling attacked?
If you feel attacked by that headline, then you know you’re guilty of ghosting, joining the ranks of millions of millennials and Gen Zs who’ve made ghosting a cultural dating norm.What do the experts have to say about that? Well, Dr. Margie ...
Dive deep into the birds and the bees.
We’ve cracked the big secret for getting the best sex of your life: Do it with people who are brave and confident (kinkiness is optional).This is according to Dr. Margie Holmes, renowned sex therapist who never shies away from the dirty details ...
Another reason to break up?
Anyone else planning to move to General Luna, Quezon?According to the town's mayor Matt Erwin, single employees of the city government have been granted—get this—a paid leave of absence on Thursday, February 11, just ahead of Valentine's Day. The good mayor said ...
No date for Valentine's Day? No problem.
Sex toy sales have exploded as millions around the world seek to spice up lockdown with new bedroom accessories and Western societies shake off the last taboos around female pleasure.Sofia (not her real name), a 29-year-old singleton in Paris, overcame her "psychological ...
Pornhub gets down and dirty with sex education.
It looks like sex education is a problem everywhere, and it’s so bad that Pornhub has had to step in. The world’s leading adult site, and every teenage boy’s homepage, has just launched a new sex education series under its new section, ...
The answer to the question of why people cheat has been debated for years. It's a topic that has divided psychologists and scientists alike. A new study, however, has an answer to at least one part of it all.READ MORE ABOUT INFIDELITYWhat the Hell Is 'Micro-Cheating?'One ...
And women are more disgusted by it than men, according to a new study.
If you find yourself at all disgusted by the act of sex, congratulations. Consider yourself evolved!A new study found that there are six common categories that cause humans great disgust: atypical appearance, lesions, sex, hygiene, food, and animals. For example, people are generally revolted ...
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