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Coming home as Miss Universe is a life-changing event, but it’s only the beginning of Catriona Gray’s journey in the spotlight as she uses her now expanded public platform to draw attention to issues other than herself.
Catriona Gray first appeared on Esquire’s pages as the jokester in a “Funny Joke From a Beautiful Woman,” back in the magazine’s early days. Later, she exhibited her musical chops, singing at an intimate Esquire soiree at Las Flores. In 2014, she hosted ...
Look back at when Anne Curtis Smith was on the cover of our Sexiest Woman Alive issue.
The challenge was to show Anne Curtis-Smith as she had never been seen before—and it was a challenge, because you’d think that you’ve seen every conceivable side of her by now: Anne hosting noontime shows, Anne starring in movies, Anne belting out ...
Francisco Guerrero on shooting some of the country’s most beautiful women
Over the past few days, we’ve revealed the cover of our August 2017 issue, as well as a few of the images that you can expect to see inside.The cover story is a celebration of Filipina beauty, which we wanted to depict ...
Inside our August 2017 issue: a celebration of Filipina beauty.
We've named The Filipina the Sexiest Woman Alive. It's a title she has always borne and will always bear, in our eyes. Back in 2013, we named Solenn Heussaff to the title—and then Shay Mitchell in 2014, Karen Davila in 2015, and Pia Wurtzbach ...
Sexy has become synonymous with Solenn. How could we deny her the title?
This was originally published in our February 2013 issue. SOLENN HEUSSAFF has not slept. Not really. She managed to catch one hour of sleep this morning, during a small window between movie shoots. Shoots. Plural. Movies. Plural. She had barely managed to close her eyes ...
Esquire sits down with the star of Pretty Little Liars, the alluring Shay Mitchell. And because she may be the last sincere person in L.A., we declare this Filipino-Canadian the Sexiest Woman Alive 2014.
It’s my first and last interview assignment in Los Angeles. I’ve lived here for three years, and am finally moving out of the city tomorrow. This gives me joy. While I’ve found some wonderful people and places in the city of L.A., ...
Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach shows us just how much work goes into being the most universally beautiful woman in the world, and how much of it is purely her.
There is not much to look at in a nearly empty, cavernous hotel ballroom: The skeletons of tables and chairs and pedestals and parties-past tucked against one wall, the pattern of the carpet careful not to off end, the heavy chandeliers alit ...
The internationally acclaimed broadcast journalist is smart, witty, and unafraid to speak her mind. She's our Sexiest Woman Alive 2015.
What makes a woman sexy? Any number of things, both physical and otherwise. A certain degree of self-possession, for one thing. Not to mention a certain quality that comes from being a certain age. A pair of red Jimmy Choo stilettos doesn’t ...
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