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Miss Spain owes a debt of gratitude to former Miss Canada contender Jenna Talackova.
For many people, this year's Miss Universe pageant was memorable, and not just for Catriona Gray's amazing walk and subsequent win. The pageant organizers knew it too, giving Miss Spain, Angela Ponce, her own video tribute to commemorate her breakthrough moment as ...
How does the law—and academic institutions themselves—protect the students?
Whispers turned into Facebook posts, which turned into Twitter and Reddit threads, and which may now turn into real-world sanctions and legal action. Last week, the ADMU Freedom Wall was flooded with comments accusing a professor at Ateneo de Manila University of sexual harassment.It began ...
It's Pride Month, but more importantly, it's the 21st century. Get with the program.
Look. We know we're not perfect. Even if we consider ourselves fairly enlightened, we sometimes mess up, and we mess up bad. (Hi, Jake Zyrus. We're still sorry and embarrassed.)But do please give us some credit for trying to make better men of ...
In a culture that makes a game out of human relationships, everyone’s a loser.
Filipinos like to think we’re good to our women. And to an extent, before the age of social media, we were. We had at least the veneer of a relatively matriarchal society—one that valued strength and independence in its mothers and daughters; ...
Her mural even caught the attention of Senator Risa Hontiveros.
While the Philippines ranks 10th on the Global Gender Gap Report, we still have a long way to go when it comes to fighting sexism and rape culture. After all, there are many people whose first reaction to stories of rape is ...
Being a bad guy isn't a crime under Philippine law. That's a problem for everyone.
Men haven’t had a good week in the Philippines. On Wednesday, the indie music industry was rocked by online accusations of rampant sexual misconduct. This was followed by a woman coming forward to accuse an artist of assault, along with the resurgence ...
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