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This is how Shanti Dope wrote the hit song.
Shanti Dope had already established himself as one of the most exciting names in Filipino music with early hits like “Nadarang,” “Apoy,” and “Norem.” But the 20-year-old rapper truly exploded into the mainstream when he came out with “Amatz.” The song might ...
More than a rapper, Shanti Dope is a storyteller.
If you thought you knew who Shanti Dope is, think again.The 20-year-old rapper and songwriter burst onto the scene guns blazing. In just a few short years, Shanti Dope (aka Sean Patrick Ramos) has become the storyteller of the youth, masterfully weaving ...
Will the real Shanti Dope please stand up? 
A kid who grew up in a broken family. A talented rapper and songwriter spitting truth bombs about the world we live in. An artist and social media superstar whose songs have made it to Hollywood. Will the real Shanti Dope please ...
It was quite a surprise, for those who’ve seen it.
After the surprise inclusion of a few Filipino words in the end credits of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Pinoy Marvel fans are once again losing their collective minds. By now it’s no secret that the third episode of the Disney+ ...
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