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After years spent avoiding a clean shave, I discovered L'Occitane's game-changing Cade moisturizer.
My co-workers probably think I've been looking for a promotion for the last month. Since I've been capable of growing facial hair, I've always kept a little bit of stubble or the early workings of a beard. I never go full beard ...
Tip No. 5: Trimming down there is not only perfectly acceptable in 2017, it's polite.
Time was, a man who spent too long in the bathroom was met with a level of scorn and suspicion usually reserved for politicians who try to embrace indie music. Thankfully times have changed, but even now it's easy to feel bemused by ...
Do it right yourself.
Once a time-honored ritual performed by our fathers’ barbers, shaving has since transformed into that morning chore that men have become averse to. Yet with the right tools and technique, shaving doesn’t have to suck. Ditch the five-o’clock shadow for your smoothest ...
The actor looked 20 years younger at Venice Film Festival this week.
Jim Carrey shaved his beard for the Venice Film Festival and ho. lee. shit. The dude looks like a fresh-faced, 20-years-younger version of himself. It wasn't just a shave—this was a freaking metamorphosis.The 55-year-old actor was photographed at the festival where he's ...
Dealing with unruly hair, according to Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni.
Eyebrows are a bit tricky for men, especially if they grow wild and out of control. My grandfather told me that thick brows represented power and dominance, and I felt lucky having been blessed with a full pair. Mine were thicker than ...
Razor sharp.
The morning shave: a sacred ritual of masculinity. Or at least it was. In today's world of hipster beards and ironic 'taches, we've lost touch with the time when a sharp blade and some shaving foam were the best friends a true ...
For the enlightened man, shaving is a glorious routine that requires time, awareness, skill, and a slew of specialized mediums and implements.
For the enlightened man, shaving is not just a task to be done quickly, but a glorious routine that requires time, awareness, skill, and a slew of specialized mediums and implements.Toss that cheap disposable plastic razor in the nearest bin, and set ...
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