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The celebrities visit Manila for the wildly popular Netflix show (and some halo-halo).
Two of the biggest stars from Netflix’s hit psychological thriller series You visited Manila to talk about the show, interact with their Filipino fans, and even share a large glass of halo-halo with each other.Penn Badgley, who plays the anti-hero protagonist Joe Goldberg, and Shay ...
Esquire sits down with the star of Pretty Little Liars, the alluring Shay Mitchell. And because she may be the last sincere person in L.A., we declare this Filipino-Canadian the Sexiest Woman Alive 2014.
It’s my first and last interview assignment in Los Angeles. I’ve lived here for three years, and am finally moving out of the city tomorrow. This gives me joy. While I’ve found some wonderful people and places in the city of L.A., ...
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