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From compound words, abbreviations, and namesakes, here are the tales behind some of the world's most famous beauty labels.
In the early days of fashion and beauty, brand names weren’t as difficult to decide on. Many designers chose to patent their products after their namesake brands, while business partners would simply merge names.The younger beauty brands, however, have put their philosophies ...
Can you guess which iconic brand started as an apothecary?
Welcome to August, Town&Country's Beauty Month.In the beauty world, people seek the fountain of youth. But when it comes to the business of beauty, the number of years a brand has been around gives it a longer heritage, and also an advantage ...
Because looking like you're at death's door is never good.
You're busy. Too busy to walk your dog, pick up the cake, go on a date. And certainly too busy to add another step in your grooming routine. Reconsider. Even if your face can bounce back from a night of little sleep, ...
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