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In the sealed section of our February 2017 issue, an excerpt from Ian Rosales Casocot's upcoming anthology Don’t Tell Anyone.
FOR L.Something people will never understand, if ever I begin to tell the story of how we met, but more so how we made love for the last time, if making love were the right words for it: You had a small ...
In the silence after the coitus, all things are possible. They could be lovers. They could be nothing at all.
She unzipped his jeans, pulled aside the soft fabric of his boxers, and wrapped her mouth around his penis as it hardened in her mouth on a chilly evening in early February, while she was wearing her second-best black dress and had ...
From award-winning crime novelist F.H. Batacan, a story about a marriage.
"Love has become the modern obscenity," said Julia Kristeva. Sex and violence as topics are commonplace, but love, real love, has come to be regarded as too strange. Originally published in the February 2014 issue of Esquire Philippines, we present "Love" by F.H. Batacan, a ...
It was a collection of short stories that just might lead a bigger one.
This was originally published in our September 2013 issue. She leaves it on my bedside table. A toothbrush might have struck fear in my heart. It’d happened too many times already: new toothbrush, then clothes, a period of hope where I would lend books, ...
A tale of fathers, sons, and executive assistants.
This was originally published in our June 2016 issue. Her name was Alex, and it was a boy’s name but it was on purpose. That’s what it said on her calling card, not Alexandra, which it was short for, and underneath her name ...
Sun, skin, and a semi-random reunion at the last resort.
When she heard the glass door creak and saw Carmen going out into the bright midmorning light, Maricar remembered the time they had dared each other to go braless under their blouses. That was way back in high school and it was also ...
What happens when you let your guard down on a crowded Quiapo street.
"MY WALLET. IT’S GONE,” Buen told his nephew. In the hush of the camera shop, Buen’s words sounded to himself like the click of cheap cuffs. He and Lean were fair game here, unlike in their hometown of Kapetera. By indulging in ...
Life, love, loneliness, death, and groceries.
Ava—that's her in the white dress, wheeling her near-empty grocery cart through the canned goods aisle—and Jonathan—who, we shall presume, is at home tending to their three-month-old daughter—married roughly four years after they first met. They married because it was about time ...
Fluorescent-lit musings in an old hospital on the nature of stories and the elusiveness of sleep.
THEY MET outside an abandoned movie theater in Divisoria. This is the first line to a story I’ll write someday, if I have the time. When I’m waiting, I like to think of opening lines to stories.I’m in a hospital, sitting in ...
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