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The Real McCoy’s presents perfected versions of the leather jacket, the cotton sweatshirt, the twill chino, the white crew-neck tee, and more. 
“The real McCoy,” the metaphor used to describe “the genuine article” or “the real deal,” is rightly and ironically the namesake of Hitoshi Tsujimoto’s clothing empire, The Real McCoy’s. The Japanese brand specializes in reproductions of vintage American garments, but engineers these ...
From suits and dress shirts to eyeglasses and pajamas.
In this time of ready-to-wear and mass production of fast fashion, bespoke service has become true luxury. Though many tailors in Manila offer made-to-measure services, only a handful make bespoke, fully hand-made menswear pieces.Here, we list down the luxury boutiques in Manila that ...
At a fraction of the cost of the real deal.
Of course, you'd never have to worry about style or fit if all your clothes were made-to-measure or bespoke, but let's face it: it’s not always possible to spend a good chunk of money and be a dressmaker’s dummy for a day (or two ...
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