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A newly opened facility looks to breed five million mosquitoes a week.
By mid-2019, the Philippines saw one of its worst dengue fever outbreaks in years. As it turns out, the mosquito-caused viral infection is affecting people all over the globe and the number of cases has been rising through the decades. The World ...
Check out what went down at the inaugural Alex Blake Charlie Sessions in Singapore.
December 7 was a gloomy day in Singapore; the kind that had you wondering when the rain was going to start coming down. It didn’t. But while you squinted your way around Pasir Panjang, the glare beaming off of the clouds, a ...
Here’s a list of our top picks to save you from racking your brains out when you shop for her.
Once in a while, a 'minimalist’ brand comes along and piques our interest until it fades into the background. Beyond The Vines, however, makes a case for timeless minimalist fashion, not only by veering away from trends but also by offering a ...
A must-see is the roomful of timepieces that celebrates the rich history and culture of Southeast Asia.
Following well-attended shows in Dubai, Munich, London, and New York, Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe brings its fifth and largest Watch Art Grand Exhibition 2019 to Singapore this September.Happening at the Marina Bay Sands, the exhibit recreates the wonderful world of Patek ...
It’s part of The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour.
No, U2 isn't quite making its way to the Philippines—yet. But here’s the next best thing.The legendary Irish rockers have announced Asia and Oceania tour dates in support of the 30th anniversary of their seminal album The Joshua Tree, and if you’re hardcore ...
It’s everything you can expect and more from the World’s Best Airport.
Often, airports are perceived as mere stopover points before transients arrive at their final destination. This was something Singapore’s Changi Airport Group sought to change when it publicly announced the construction of its new terminal, the Jewel Changi Airport. The renderings released ...
Don't leave without trying at least one of these iconic dining establishments.
The dynamic city of Singapore is a commercial hub that's seen many fine establishments come and go. This makes it a challenge for chefs and restaurateurs to up their game and explore the new and the bold. If you ever find yourself ...
The country's largest art fair was canceled just a little over a week before its scheduled opening.
Art Stage Singapore, one of the country’s largest contemporary art fairs in the last eight years, was canceled just a little over a week before its scheduled launch on January 24. Prestige Online published in full an email Art Stage Singapore president ...
Harry Potter-themed airport displays, a newly awarded Michelin star restaurant, and the only rooftop bar in the world that serves its own tea-infused spirits.
Despite its small size, Singapore makes good on being a dynamic Asian city overflowing with unique business concepts that appeal to the global traveler. Here, new and obscure establishments and activities that may entice you to make that three-hour flight from Manila.Newly ...
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