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Here’s the truth about acne according to a dermatologist.
In our teens, we were led to believe that acne is normal and that we will eventually grow out of it. Now, it becomes very troubling when, even as adults, we still find ourselves struggling with perpetual blackheads and whiteheads, or worse, ...
Today, The Aivee Clinic is one of the most recognized and respectable cosmetic dermatology and surgery centers in the country.
Dr. Aivee Teo was working as a dermatologist in one of the biggest hospitals in Alabang when a colleague invited her to put up a small skin care clinic in Bonifacio Global City.Teo, who completed residency training in Singapore specializing in cosmetic ...
There are marks that fade away over time.
Not all scars stay. And by that, we’re talking about those acne marks born out of the unfortunate habit of popping a zit every time they come to town.First, let's talk about pimples: Zits occur when excess oil, sebum, and bacteria are ...
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