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Medic and YouTuber Ali Abdaal explains his secret to never being tired.
YouTuber and junior doctor Ali Abdaal makes content in which he shares his tips and hacks that he has found helpful in studying, at work, and at home. In a recent video titled Why I'm Never Tired, he breaks down the six tips that ...
Bad news for night owls.
If you prefer sleeping in and snoozing your alarm, it might be time to change your habits. According to a study by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, morning people are actually happier ...
She even has some local doppelgangers, too!
In a research conducted by a mattress company, sleep was proven to be everyone's ultimate happy pill—provided that we get enough of it. However, the same study has shown that getting the typically recommended seven hours of sleep isn't enough.Turns out, there's such a ...
Anxiety and worry because of the unnatural situation can manifest through sleepless nights, and even physical symptoms like headaches and digestive problems.
Are you having restless nights since the implementation of the so-called “extended community quarantine” (ECQ) less than two weeks ago?It must be frustrating to frequently wake up in the middle of the night (assuming you’re getting some shut-eye at all), unable to ...
Sleep in while you can!
There aren't enough hours in the night if you're sleeping badly. And a recent study in Neuron reports that aging brains mean people's quality of sleep starts to plummet in their 30s. "The parts of the brain deteriorating earliest are the same regions that ...
The information and important tricks you need to know to defeat Public Enemy No. 1.
The euphoric vibes that the thought of vacation brings almost feel impenetrable. Nothing can possibly spoil something that’s meant to only bring you happiness in the form of good food and sightseeing. But then, reality strikes, and there’s the god-awful concept of ...
There are a lot more benefits to waking up early than you’d expect.
If you’re reading this article, you’re probably someone who’s trying to become a morning person. Or maybe you already are, and you’re reassuring yourself that, yes, waking up early every day is worth it, even if it isn’t by choice. And it really ...
Let cold, hard data help you sleep better.
If a new mattress, fancy earplugs, and prayers to the lord above can't get you sleeping better at night, then cold hard data might. Tracking your sleep gives you insights on your breathing, your heart rate, your REM cycles, your snoring, and ...
Happy World Sleep Day!
While sleep is a luxury for many, it is first and foremost an essential requirement for a healthy life. As we celebrate World Sleep Day, let us remind you how you can ensure you get the best sleep every day.Turn off all ...
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