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There are a lot more benefits to waking up early than you’d expect.
If you’re reading this article, you’re probably someone who’s trying to become a morning person. Or maybe you already are, and you’re reassuring yourself that, yes, waking up early every day is worth it, even if it isn’t by choice. And it really ...
Let cold, hard data help you sleep better.
If a new mattress, fancy earplugs, and prayers to the lord above can't get you sleeping better at night, then cold hard data might. Tracking your sleep gives you insights on your breathing, your heart rate, your REM cycles, your snoring, and ...
Not all sleeping tips are created equal
Few things are worse than getting a bad night's sleep. Not enough zzzs can leave you groggy, disoriented, and unproductive—not to mention it can up your chances of getting sick and packing on pounds. But there are ways to combat it. Here, ...
Perhaps the path to creative genius? It's a blissful secret our culture doesn't want you to know
Pablo Picasso's painting Le Sommeil depicts the artist's young lover Marie-Thérèse Walter naked and asleep in a fat armchair. It's a mesmerizing image. It's especially mesmerizing to the napping cognoscenti, of which I count myself a member. Here's one reason: On the ...
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