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The simulation shows what the completed project may look like.
If you want to escape the hellscape you find yourself right now, you can fire up the computer and play video games. Better yet, choose a simulation game and create the perfect world, one that doesn't have a killer virus that has ...
The explanation is simple.
Yesterday, we reported that the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Regulation No. 19-001 had been published, and the corresponding fine for speeding is now set at P1,000 per instance.The report also includes a list of all of Metro Manila’s circumferential and radial ...
New roads are coming, but it will probably get worse before it gets better for Manila's commuters
The debate about Metro Manila’s “true midpoint” is not new. It happens almost every day—over family dinner, drinking sessions, high school reunions, and even on dates. The north and south divide is real and can be a litmus test for friendship or romance. ...
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