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Your iPhone X is about to get even more impressive.
You've gained 18 new Instagram followers, so that pricey iPhone X has pretty much paid for itself—but what if we were to tell you that you can take your crystal-clear camera to even greater heights?While messing around with Apple’s latest iOS 12 ...
The updated iOS 11 gives you the option to avoid gameus interruptus.
Picture this: You're enjoying a round of Alto's Odyssey when suddenly a pop-up appears. Not only do you lose your momentum, but you're also particularly frazzled when you see that intrusive block wondering if you're enjoying the app enough to want to ...
What was all that "one in a million" talk?
When Apple revealed the iPhone X way back in September, it declared there was a one in 1,000,000 chance its facial recognition software could be unlocked by the wrong person. Security companies and tech blogs around the world immediately accepted the challenge ...
A three-foot drop sends the pricey phone to Shatter City
It may cost a fortune, but there's no denying that the iPhone X is jaw-droppingly pretty. Just make sure you don't also drop the phone because, as CNET found out in a torture test, the iPhone X does not hold up especially ...
You don't have to be a gamer to appreciate it.
It's no secret that innovation on modern smartphones has mostly stalled out. While the big, pretty flagships like the iPhone X are too expensive to be worth the minor upgrade, the new Razer Phone, ostensibly "for gamers," could be a surprising step forward, whether ...
Chrissy Teigen has made an important discovery.
If you need any proof that we live in the scary future, just take a look at the photos app in your phone. You may be able to search for any term and see photos with that object in it—and that can ...
An alternative to the iPhone 8?
Apple isn't the only phone brand hoping to drain us of funds in the run-up to Christmas by releasing new phones. Google is at it as well—with one little pet-peeve.It seems whenever you get a shiny new phone, along with a charger ...
It's a Samsung phone even Apple loyalists would want to have.
Personally, I've been quite vocal with my love for Apple products—my tech review blog is even called The Applelogist—so it's big deal for me when an Android phone actually surprises me with its efficiency. Such is the case with the Samsung J7 ...
The Huawei P10’s camera captures life.
Huawei talks a big game when it comes to their smartphones, whose dual-lens cameras are co-engineered with Leica. This year, they’ve put the new Huawei P10 to the test by asking top photographers Veejay Villafranca, Larry Piojo, and Dookie Ducay to shoot 100 ...
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