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Is yours one of these?
Three-year-old tech brand Realme has topped the list of the most popular smartphone brands in the Philippines for 2021 based on global research firms Canalys and IDC. According to Canalys, Realme ranked first for Q4 2021 in terms of sell-in shipments, besting four ...
Here are all the Easter eggs in the Oppo Reno5 Marvel Edition limited edition smartphone.
With last week’s double bill of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the hype for all things superhero continues to soar in 2021. So that you can fully immerse yourself in these fictional worlds, there is now a Marvel smartphone ...
An iPrice Group study breaks down the most searched-for mobile phone brands in the country.
What’s the most popular smartphone brand in the Philippines? Most people would probably answer Samsung and Apple only because their ads are just so ubiquitous and they’ve had such a chokehold on the market for years. But as the results of an independent ...
Looking for an upgrade for the new year? Here are the very best phones to buy in 2020
It’s a new decade, which means there’s a long list of new stuff to look forward to. From movies (we cannot wait to catch up with James Bond in No Time To Die), to incredible smartphones (Bond uses a Nokia, fyi), there’s plenty to ...
These are some of its best features.
While some smartphone-holders contemplate whether to trade in their phones for the latest model after the end of their two-year contract, others are thinking of investing in a tablet to keep them company during a long flight or to devour e-books on. ...
The Huawei nova 5T has four lenses, each powered by artificial intelligence.
Despite the US ban on Huawei (which was temporarily postponed again), the tech company continues to perform substantially, especially in Southeast Asia, where much of its growth comes from. Since 2018, the company has posted double-digit growth in its global market share. ...
For the first time, Samsung has introduced software to convert your handwritten notes to text that you can copy and paste.
On August 7, Samsung released the Galaxy Note10. At first glance, it looks sleek, chic, and elegant, especially with its holographic feature on the back. Its endless screen display can take you to an immersive viewing experience. But what really caught our ...
The Smartphone revolution dominated in the 2010s. That dominance is now ending and is being replaced by artificial intelligence.
Most Southeast Asians trust artificial intelligence. On average, 71 percent say they find AI as beneficial to their lives.The finding is based on a study by Hakuhodo of 5,700 individuals from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.For Filipinos, 68 percent ...
It could be time to finally cross over to Android.
Apple revolutionized the smartphone back in 2007, and hundreds of millions of people have remained steadfastly loyal to the iPhone over the past 12 years – but that's starting to change.The iPhone finally has some serious competition from the likes of Samsung ...
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