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Welcome to the future.
The New Balance 574 has built a solid cult following over the years since it first released in 1988. What was originally built as a running shoe has successfully evolved with the times, remaining true to its original form while staying in ...
It’s the first big release from Converse for 2021.
Two legendary brands are at it again with another co-signed serving of sneakers definitely worth breaking that New Year promise you made to quit buying more shoes. No strangers to each other, Converse and Carhartt have worked together on several projects in the ...
By creating a shoe that worked across so many different colorways, Nike had laid down the foundations for the modern collab.
Along with dark web fentanyl, the Loch Ness Monster, and an honest man, it can be hard to find a pair of Nike Dunks in this current climate. Thanks to collaborations with modern cultural powerhouses like Off-White, Travis Scott, and... Ben & ...
Take a walk on the wild side.
I don't wear too much color. Very little of it, in fact. Maybe you're like me, or maybe you're a master of getting off these wildly kaleidoscopic fits with ease. Either way, if your New Year's resolution was to incorporate more color ...
The training shoe for all kinds of movements is now even more versatile.
If you’ve just upgraded to the Nano X in the last few months, this is the moment to cry. An entire portfolio of the Nano X1, the replacement of your hardworking training footwear, is now live on Reebok’s website. The Nano line, which ...
New year, new sneaker releases.
A new year has arrived and it's another chance to cop some heat and grow your ever-increasing sneaker collection. This year is off to a promising start with a plethora of confirmed and rumored sneaker releases that will make a bunch of year-end lists. ...
The power of air compression compels grime to stay away.
There are never enough ways to keep sneakers, whether the superior black variety or the tempestuous white kind, crispy clean. We’ve tried mummification, (gentle!) hand washing, writing with a magic pen, and wiping. Now there is this: Innovative young company DFNS has figured ...
The Sneaker Industrial Complex's most fanatic devotees obsessed over a lot of heat this year, even as they were forced to flex within the confines of their too-small homes.
The reports of the sneaker's death have been greatly exaggerated. How else to explain a banner year for the style, even as insider-y fashion pundits and venerable industry publications (including, uh, this one) trumpeted the imminent arrival of a post-sneaker society, and world ...
Because even your punk cousin deserves some end-of-year cheer.
At a loss as to what to get the sneakerhead in your life this holiday season (besides for a stern talking-to and maybe a few vouchers for free therapy)? Join the club. I mean, what can you possibly give the insufferable little—or not so little—snot who ...
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