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Skater Lucas Puig's new Adidas sneakers are built for chilling, not shredding.
If you don’t know anything about Lucas Puig, the French skater who rides for Palace and Adidas (among other brands), the first thing to understand is that the 34-year-old has a masterful approach to turning any given cityscape into a skateable playground. The second thing to ...
Lay claim to a future collector's grail.
Sneaker culture was going to die. Until it didn't. Because, despite the cacophony of doomsayers ringing the death knell of streetwear at large, luxury didn't just continue its love affair with the blue chip trainer; it made a commitment. And the marriage ...
There’s no excuse not to run when you’ve got this pair of shoes on.
There’s no holding back adidas’ brand spankin’ new shoe designed to move runners forward. The adidas 4DFWD is one seriously data-driven running shoe which took two years in the lab to make. The brand with the three stripes utilized more than 17 years’ ...
High-end, long-haul footwear is great and all, but there’s no substitute for canvas kicks built for wearin' and tearin'.
My grandmother was an unrepentant clotheshorse. No stranger to the thrilling sensation of showing off a new cop, she reveled in cheffing up A1 fits and in complimenting her grandchildren on theirs. Whenever I’d show up at her house for a surprise ...
Converse puts together a team of All Stars who are unafraid to use their voice on social issues.
Here’s something to wrap your head around: every time you put on a pair of Chucks, you’re lacing up a shoe that’s been around for 100 years. One hundred.Yes, it’s been exactly a century since Malden, Massachusetts-based Converse Rubber Shoe Co. hired semi-pro ...
These are Mamba's best signature sneakers with the Swoosh.
Last week, Nike announced it will no longer be producing the late Kobe Bryant’s signature sneakers. This is because Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, and his estate did not sign an extension with the sportswear giant, marking an end to an amazing 18-year partnership. People ...
These Nike Cosmic Unity sneakers are made from... trash.
Sustainable and striking sneakers? Sign us up. The Cosmic Unity is the next step in Nike’s vision of a zero-waste future. The new sneaker features at least 25-percent recycled material by weight. Watch our try-on review and unboxing of the Cosmic Unity "Space Hippie" ...
The collab is a solid effort to minimize the company’s carbon footprint
Back in January, Adidas announced it was giving its classic tennis shoe, the Stan Smith, the unenviable task of saving the world. Since it first released in the early 1960s, fans of the Trefoil have remained loyal to this now immortal sneaker, ...
Day in and day out, you'll have a hard time finding a reason not to reach for them.
At the ripe age of 31, I never thought I'd be looking for a walking shoe. And yet, as the pandemic snatched away the only resemblance of a fitness routine I had (living and commuting in New York City), the post-work walk was ...
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