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This new Filipino clothing line shares a part of its profits with the community.
There is a new Filipino clothing line that is community-based, community-controlled, and community-focused. Evry was created. It was born out of the need to sustain the Filipino community hardest hit by the pandemic while providing high-quality fashion. Inclusivity is one of Evry’s missions. ...
It's a showcase of Filipino craftsmanship.
For industrial designer Ana Bernardo, it had always been a dream to marry local craftsmanship and materials with purposeful design. That's exactly what she achieved with her recently launched home brand, PULO.PULO stands for Purveyors of Local. It also means "island." Ultimately, PULO aims ...
From sustainable pet accessories to compostable slippers, these are the brands that need to be on your radar.
Years ago, social enterprises were a novelty that simply piqued the interest of consumers. Nowadays, such cause-driven businesses are so prolific that it’s suddenly become the norm. This leaves consumers with a multitude of options, from well-established brands to promising newcomers. The ...
When it comes to sustainability and practicality, social enterprises perform better.
Charities and social enterprises have helped improve lives of millions of people. Both are anchored on humanity and compassion, but when it comes to sustainability and practicality, the latter trumps the former. Here is a list of reasons why.According to startup expert ...
At the GK Enchanted Farm, social entrepreneurs are transforming how people do business by sharing the wealth and changing lives.
It’s difficult to believe that the 35-hectare GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, lush with fields of green, teeming with various crops, outlined by happy communities, and the site of a school, a spa hotel, pioneer centers, and a bamboo mansion, was once ...
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