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Easy money.
That headline might seem like spam, or worse, a YouTube title, but it’s actually the law.The taxable income of social media “influencers” has been all over the news lately after the Bureau of Internal Revenue issued a circular meant to remind influencers ...
No need to worry.
The Bureau of Internal Revenue issued Revenue Memorandum Circular 97-2021 earlier this month. The circular essentially clarifies the income generated by so-called social media influencers, or those who are earning by producing content through online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, ...
Plus some funny and feel-good stories as well.
The last time Metro Manila was under enhanced community quarantine, most people who had access to the internet had little else to do but scroll mindlessly past their social media feeds. Almost every week, an issue would explode online and it seemed ...
The situation is that bad.
If there’s evidence that troll farms are being used in concerted attacks for or against the government, Facebook should be shutdown, Senator Richard Gordon said Wednesday (July 28). During an interview over the ABS-CBN News Channel, Gordon said he is introducing a bill ...
Social media stars like Austin McBroom, Bryce Hall, Logan Paul—and yes, Jake too—have become the Alis and Tysons for a new generation. Even if boxing's old guard wants to knock them out.
Ali Loui Al-Fakhri, somehow, by the grace of all that is fair and good, dodges Jake Paul's right hand, which is very much trying to nail his jaw so hard that it flies clean off his face and into the ooo-ing and ahh-ing crowd. ...
He also burned another luxury car for the ‘gram.
Vlogger Mikhail Litvin has over 12 million followers on Instagram. He gained notoriety when he burned down his Mercedes-Benz GT 63S sports sedan after an alleged dispute with the dealership where he bought his car. In what looked like a vlog gone wrong, ...
Who will emerge triumphant?
It’s hard to provide a dictionary definition for the word “bardagulan.” Heck, even we're not sure. But loosely we think it translates to shitposting, or a situation where social media users pretty much shoot the breeze and air their thoughts, often in ...
Who double-tapped?
Vatican officials have launched an investigation after Pope Francis’s official Instagram accout reportedly liked a photo of a Brazilian model. The Catholic News Agency (CAN) said the pope’s verified account liked the photo of model Natalia Garibotto wearing skimpy clothing that looked like ...
As if we didn’t already have enough problems.
There’s no shortage of people willing to help the victims of the most recent typhoons. Time and again, Filipinos have dug deep and offered assistance to those hardest hit by the natural disasters not just in the form of relief goods, but ...
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