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A small price to pay for our corny tweets.
Say goodbye to typos, grammatical errors, missed tags, and, well, regrettable takes. Twitter is finally rolling out its new edit feature, a thing about 238 million users have been hoping for since the dawn of time (they really gave us a newsletter ...
It's a movement that transgresses socio-political angst. How far can Filipino meme culture take us?
It's the year 2090. The Philippines is submerged in water now, and Filipino society has crumbled because we couldn't develop gills or the gall to ask for better leadership. Not even the strongest "pinoy pride" chants and token gains could have saved ...
The Nobel Peace Prize winner has long been vocal about the dangers of tech platforms.
The United Nations announced on Tuesday, August 16, that it had appointed 10 distinguished individuals across regions worldwide for the inaugural Internet Governance Forum (IGF). One of them happens to be the Philippines' own Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa.As part of the ...
Bring them to justice, senator says.
TW: Sexual abuse on children.Sen. Risa Hontiveros on Thursday urged authorities to look into pages on Facebook and YouTube whose posts that promote sexual abuse of children.Hontiveros, who chairs the Senate committee on women and children, shared screenshots from a page called ...
She demonstrated humility, grace, and, most importantly, character.
Vlogger and singer Donnalyn Bartolome's baby-themed birthday photoshoot caused quite a stir online this past weekend. The photos and concept for the shoot were, um, questionable at best. It presented babies and toddlers in a sexualized fashion, and with predators lurking in ...
Children in Texas and Wisconsin died from self-strangulation.
At this point, we've seen and joined god-knows-how-many random challenges (that we, for some reason, do) on TikTok because, well, we just had to. But it's all fun and games until one more trend takes it a little too far. In California, a lawsuit ...
The social media superstar talks about her definition of beauty, comedic inspirations, and that billboard on EDSA.
Read Macoy Dubs' story hereRead Pipay Kipay’s story hereAs a stylist carefully smoothened the lapel of a metallic turquoise-blue blazer she was trying on, Sassa Gurl suddenly bolted out of the studio, shouting haughtily, “Magsitrabaho kayong lahat! Hindi ko kayo pinapa-sweldo para ...
The internet sensation sits down with Esquire Philippines to talk about new wave comedians, his best laughs, and cancel culture.
Before we were introduced to the comedic genius of Macoy Dubs, we might have caught Mark Averilla teaching in a classroom somewhere. He taught advertising for four semesters at Colegio De San Juan De Letran in Intramuros, Manila, the school where he ...
A new generation of humorists are breaking all the rules and tickling our funny bones like no one before them has ever done.
It wasn’t too long ago when we waited to catch our favorite comedians on the big screen or on their TV shows every week. Giggles and shrieks had a schedule, and it was timed whenever the performer’s show was on.Today, like many ...
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