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They exist in a strange limbo with each foot in different culture.
“Where are you from?” is the most dreaded question for Filipino third culture kids (TCK). The question can’t be answered with just one location. What usually follows is a long sigh and an even longer explanation listing the five to ten places ...
This used to be played right after "Lupang Hinirang."
When we talk about political songs, we mostly remember protest songs, because it's in the nature of art and artists to fight against The Man and the oppression he brings.On the other hand, politicians have always known how to use music for ...
Also, we gotta work out more.
Rustan Commercial Corporation President Donnie Tantoco surprised his wife Crickette with a song and dance number during her birthday celebration over the weekend. Crickette celebrated with a Thanksgiving turkey and all the trimmings for lunch at home with immediate family members and ...
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