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The President has long been fond of these words.
This year's State of the Nation Address is done and over with. This time around, President Rodrigo Duterte mostly stuck to his prepared speech, with relatively few instances of trailing off extemporaneously.Within the 49 minutes for which he spoke, Duterte discussed many of the relevant issues ...
Especially around the Batasan Complex area.
If there's one thing we're sure about President Rodrigo Duterte's upcoming State of the Nation Address tomorrow, July 23, it's heavy traffic in certain parts of Quezon City. Every year, the SONA attracts not only a multitude of politicians expected to attend, ...
Let's go back to a time before profanities and Brillante Mendoza frames.
Monday marks President Rodrigo Duterte's third annual State of The Nation Address, which he promised, weeks prior, will last no longer than 35 minutes. It was also announced that this year's SONA will be directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, a famous filmmaker known for ...
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