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A quick refresher on a pivotal moment in Philippine--and world--history.
Today, we officially mark the 500th anniversary of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in a place that would later be called Las Islas Filipinas, or the Philippine Islands. The explorer had been on a voyage to the Moluccas and arrived here at ...
Creativity clearly thrived during the pandemic.
While most of us just couched and watched Netflix while staying indoors, artists got busy and found inspiration within and beyond the walls of their own home. Want proof? Listen to these OPM gems right now. Artofbodybending is a strange name for a ...
Workers seem to like Jason Mraz.
Some of us prefer a quiet workplace, but there are those who love to put on some tunes while we slave away at our desks. That got us wondering what the most popular songs are to listen to at work. Hitachi Capital parsed through ...
It's okay to give in to the blues sometimes.
During times of sorrow and heartbreak, many of us turn to sad songs to indulge our pain and suffering. Since the days of our ancestors discovering how a lonely trumpet or violin solo caressed the heart and stirred the emotions, to pop ...
Ever wondered what type of music psychopaths most enjoy? Probably not. But if pushed you might guess something like 'death metal', 'angry rap' or perhaps ''. But you'd be wrong.According to a new study conducted by New York University, in which 200 ...
An ongoing look at music you should be listening to.
If you're not diligent, music can pass you by. That's true now more than ever. Artists have the tools to create and release new music at any moment with the push of a button. Here we are, a little halfway into 2017, ...
Sing—or rage—along to these 50 songs. They're not guaranteed to cure your broken heart, but they can soothe it.
Feeling heartsick? We've all been there—and we've got the Spotify playlist to prove it. Here is a collection of some of the best breakup songs ever written. You've got your sad ballads, your angry anthems, your woeful melodies. There's one for every ...
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