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Back in the ‘50s, Filipino soldiers fought for South Korea.
Before the Korean cultural wave, the Philippines was already tied to Korea—this time through blood and battle instead of K-dramas and K-pop.A few years after World War II ended, it was North Korea's turn to stoke conflict when it started invading beyond the ...
A travel writer describes an illuminating trip through the South Korean capital with a close friend.
This essay is lifted from the book “How to Ride a Train to Ulaanbaatar and Other Essays” by Josephine V. Roque. We are reprinting here with her permission. What I knew of friendships, I learned from my dead mother who made time to ...
The North launched two ballistic missiles. The South followed hours later.
Tension in the Korean Peninsula has reached another high on September 13 when ballistic missiles were launched by the two states. Just days after North Korea celebrated its 73rd anniversary in a parade, the hermit kingdom fired two short-range ballistic missiles off its ...
Big Hit Entertainment is now South Korean’s largest entertainment company.
The management label of superstar K-pop group BTS is going public this month and fans are rushing to secure even one share of the highly valued stock.ALSO READ: IPODennis Anthony Uy's Telco Converge Eyes $700 Million IPO, Could Be Biggest in PH ...
Make Seoul your first stop in your South Korea travel plans.
Make Seoul your first stop in your South Korea travel plans. The capital of South Korea is the most cosmopolitan city of the country. It's characterized by neon-lit entertainment and dining districts, K-pop, skyscrapers, markets and shopping malls, and a frenetic pace. It was ...
Book. Book now!
ChileThe South American country topped the prestigious Lonely Planet best in travel list for 2018 meaning interest is already at a peak. Famed for being home to both dessert, the Patagonian fjords, the Andes and vibrant, cultural cities, the country also marks 200 years of ...
South Korea is the one place where men can be vain and no one can say anything about it.
South Korea is crazy fun. Trust me—I’m the addict who’s gone five times in five years, and I always come home wishing I had stayed an extra day to cram in more activities. At some point, I've stopped doing the touristy things ...
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