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Lights on no matter what.
From the quiet of space, Metro Manila is simple tapestry of yellow and white lights that fade into the suburbs. On the ground, it's still Alert Level 3, and nearly two years of COVID restrictions.Filipinos on Twitter found a respite in the photo ...
New details are coming out about the safety of Jeff Bezos’ commercial space venture. 
Space tourism is all the rage nowadays, but it looks like one billionaire in the space race is willing to forgo anything for results—even work culture… and rocket safety. A whistleblower who used to work at Blue Origin has stepped forward as the face ...
Space. Cruise.
After the successful trip of the world’s first orbital civilian space crew, more sophisticated space tours could soon be on their way. SpaceX recently completed a historic milestone for space tourism, flying out four civilians into space where they flew beyond the ...
The rich people are fighting again. 
The billionaires are at it again. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are at each other’s throats, this time over satellites. First, it began with petty tweets and underhanded comments. Now it’s getting uglier as two of the world's richest men are bringing ...
The Hubble Space Telescope is over 30 years old.
The Hubble Space Telescope has been offline for more than a week. Scientists at NASA do not know why. According to NASA, the computer that controls the Hubble Space Telescope's science instruments suddenly stopped working on June 13, 2021. Since then, NASA has tried to ...
Stay in space, says his haters.
You don’t attain as much power as Jeff Bezos without gaining some enemies and critics along the way.Earlier this month, Jeff Bezos announced his plan to board the New Shepard, an upcoming space shuttle developed by his commercial space exploration company Blue ...
“Higher Power” was first played in the International Space Station.
Coldplay is already one of the biggest rock bands on the planet so for their latest song, they looked up and away from earth. The British band premiered their new song, “Higher Power,” to the International Space Station through French astronaut Thomas Pesquet ...
Taytay isn’t the only one.
Last year, we wrote about a crater on Mars named after a Philippine town. We also wrote about all of the other stuff in space with a Filipino origin. As it turns out, there are more craters on Mars named after towns in ...
But don't forget to practice social distancing.
With everything that's going on right now thanks to the pandemic, everyone needs all the help they can get. And it seems like a good time to believe in the power of wishing stars, right? Heads up: the annual Lyrids meteor shower is scheduled ...
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