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Upon the opening of their third tapas and pintxos bar in Salcedo Village, self-proclaimed "kusinero" Miguel Vecin shares the secret to their commercial and critical success.
With many naive food lovers diving head first into the restaurant business thinking that their love and perceived expertise on food can sustain them, most end up getting burned. There are those, though, who smartly come in armed with a good nose ...
Chef Ariel Manuel's take on Spanish-inspired Filipino cuisine
It was a recent European trip that inspired Chef Ariel Manuel to conceptualize Un Cuenca. And while the menu reads mostly of Spanish dishes, Manuel explains that it’s more Spanish-inspired Filipino cuisine. The star of the restaurant is, of course, the much ...
Gallery Vask's Anthropological Cuisine brings traditional ways of cooking into the future
Gallery Vask debuted at the 39th spot at the 2015 Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant awards, taking home the title of “Best Restaurant in the Philippines.” Chef Luis Gonzalez, better known as Chele, isn’t Filipino, and he doesn’t make what one would reasonably ...
The social nature of the pintxo is perfectly captured at the casual and low-key Bar Pintxos
Miguel Vecin and Martin “Tinchu” Gonazalez just wanted to put up a neighborhood meeting place where people could come in shorts and watch a basketball or futbol game. They took over a floundering coffee shop located at the back of an office ...
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