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Our tummies are ready.
Spiral is reopening to customers today. Arguably the country’s biggest and most luxurious buffet restaurant, Spiral has been closed since the start of the lockdown period in mid-March.ALSO READ: SOFITEL PHILIPPINE PLAZASofitel Has A Less Pricey Buffet Option, and It Comes with ...
Enjoy overflowing servings of the shellfish specially flown in from Scandinavia for Sofitel Philippine Plaza's Crayfish Party.
Not quite a lobster, but not a shrimp, a crayfish is somewhere in between. These mudbugs, as they are sometimes called, are sourced from freshwater, boiled in saltwater, seasoned with dill, and served chilled.Filipinos seldom get to savor crayfish meat, or crawfish, ...
Sofitel's signature buffet is 10 years old and far from fading.
April 2006. I remember the date vividly because it was the graduation of my not-yet brother-in-law. The family reserved a table in Spiral for a celebratory lunch and the only non-family members present were me and his then-girlfriend.As soon as we entered, ...
Whether you’re a wine newbie or a connoisseur, you’ll want to make this class your Sunday habit.
Most people go to Spiral at Sofitel for its legendary buffets, but their wine appreciation class is well worth the journey as well. After a hard week at the office, sipping fine wines and nibbling on canapés is a great way to ...
Is there anything that represents the best of French wine-making better than a fine Bordeaux? The Sofitel Philippine Plaza says there are none.
Bordeaux is a serious wine for serious drinkers. Whether from the traditionally powerful Left Bank of the Gironde estuary, or from the more approachable Right Bank, the wines from the Bordeaux region have dominated the global imagination (and global trade) for centuries, ...
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