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The internet is full of ways to curate (read: fake) your personal brand. Can we be honest about this one thing?
You’re all alone, at last. Your roommate's away for the weekend, or your husband is out grocery shopping. The kids, if they exist, are busy. It's time to take a shower, or fold the laundry, or start chopping veggies for dinner in ...
It’s a very elite club.
There was a time when it was easy to tell if you’ve made it as a musical performer. Sell a bunch of records, make it to the top of the charts, sell-out arenas, that sort of thing. But now the metrics aren’t ...
It provides easy and seamless Spotify access to anyone behind the wheel.
Playing music inside our cars has become more and more seamless these days. In-car entertainment really has come a long way—from AUX cables and simple Bluetooth connections, we now have modern-day features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto at our disposal.Plus, in ...
March isn’t off to a great start for K-pop fans.
This isn’t a good time to be a big K-pop fan. At the stroke of midnight on Sunday (February 28), fans noticed that hundreds of K-pop songs disappeared off of Spotify. The scrubbing seems to have occurred worldwide as affected listeners took to ...
Discover the best of Filipino hip-hop on Spotify’s latest playlists featuring exclusive content.
Filipino hip-hop has seen a steady rise since the early ‘90s but in the past few years. The genre has risen to become a chart-dominating force in the Philippines. Spotify data shows the once-niche genre is at a major turning point, emerging ...
It’s a videoke on your phone.
What was missing on the global music behemoth that is Spotify? If you answered lyrics, you’re right. You may know a favorite song by heart, but it would’ve been nice to sing along to newer songs without having to Google their words. The ...
The feature lets two or more users have control over the music being played.
In today's world, social distancing has become the norm. And as social creatures, it is understandably easy to miss hanging out with friends and doing everything under the sun. That's where technology comes in.When you're not watching Netflix in sync with your friends, you can ...
What took them so long?
Fighting over what song comes next might be a thing of the past, if Spotify's new feature works out.In a move inspired by, Spotify is testing a feature that allows users to collaborate and create playlists together in real time. The feature reportedly works by ...
‘Festify’ lets you visualize your own Coachella lineup based on your listening habits on Spotify.
Given the chance to create your own music festival lineup, which artists would you invite? How would you organize their sets? Who would headline the big event?With Festify, you no longer have to think hard, as the new website tool will do ...
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