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Know which ones have been cleared.
The shift to GCQ (with "heightened restrictions") reopened the tourism industry once more, including many hotels and resorts heavily affected by the pandemic's long lockdown. According to the Department of Tourism, a total of 5,986 rooms in 13 staycation hotels in Metro ...
It comes complete with jewels, corgis, banquets, and etiquette lessons.
While Netflix series The Crown may only loosely be based on real-life events surrounding Queen Elizabeth and senior members of the British royal family, showrunner Peter Morgan and his team have gone to great lengths to ensure that their portrayal of the ...
These serviced residences offer homey in-room facilities and hotel-like amenities.
If you want to book accommodations that offer a “home away from home” experience, head to a serviced apartment. It's like a hotel room but it provides the flexibility of doing housekeeping on your own, which is especially ideal for longer stays or ...
It's high time for a summer staycation.
The climbing temperatures combined with being cooped up at work can take a toll on our general well-being, another reason why a summer getaway should be imminent. To further convince you, it's actually been proven that beach vacations are good for your health. ...
Ditch the traffic and the long-haul flights and create wonderful family memories.
The holidays are a time to create wonderful memories. But if you’re not too keen on flying miles away, then a staycation may be the perfect way to relax this season. Minus long-haul flights to far-flung destinations, a staycation won’t leave you ...
What is the Filipino traveler looking for?
You may not know Luis C. Monserrat, but you’ll definitely be familiar with the hotels he runs. His company, Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII), operates and manages properties like The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Makati, Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang, The CrossWinds ...
Boracay is still Boracay, but this new hotel reimagines what else our most popular tourist destination could be.
Here’s a hotel that shouldn't make sense. First of all, the second of two Hue Hotels and Resorts is in Boracay—still the country’s top tourist destination, and whose relatively tiny is already crowded with tourist accommodations.It’s not a beachfront property, either. Located right at the ...
Don't let the rain stop you from taking a dip.
Rainy season in the Philippines can mess up your vacation plans. Looking at the most beautiful travel videos just makes you want to book a flight to Palawan or the Visayas ASAP. But still, you wouldn't want to risk getting stuck on ...
It's like collecting luxury stamps on passports.
In a past story on conversation starters, Whitney Robinson says many of the jet set are on a quest to visit as many Aman resorts as they can, likening it to collecting stamps on passports.With over 30 properties in 20 countries and ...
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