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Marriott Hotel Manila's Upside Down Dinner will leave you feeling a bit confused but wholly satisfied.
These days, everybody has a gimmick. It’s not enough that restaurants offer great-tasting food in a gorgeous setting; sometimes, they need to reel you in with clever stunts or special promos to grab your attention and help you part with your hard-earned ...
Steak all you can. Bottomless steak. Chef Ariel Manuel.
Chef Ariel Manuel looks at me, bemused. “Uh, until supplies last, I guess,” he laughs. I have asked him until when his “Steak All You Can” promo will be in effect, fully intending to bring groups of friends to partake of this carnivorous ...
There's a steak on the grill, sizzling in its seductive way, inching its way toward browned perfection. Now what?
There's a steak on the grill, sizzling in its seductive way, inching its way toward browned perfection. You take it off the fire, laying it on a heat resistant surface, and then, impatient as ever, you start poking and prodding it, cutting ...
Chef Go Okura shows us what he can do in the kitchen, and it's not just about grilling the perfect steak.
When the stint of an ambassador on foreign soil ends, it is customary for the entire household to go through a complete overhaul. For Go Okura, the chef of the outgoing Japanese ambassador, this proved to be a dilemma. He was having ...
Who doesn't want to be between buns?
Taking a sauce in the pan you just used to cook whatever the sauce will cover—in this case, a beautiful steak—is all about perception. It looks (and tastes) like it takes more time and training than it actually does. That’s because the ...
If you're sick of your rib eye, maybe you can try a rib cap.
Evolution is a strange process. No matter what path you’ve set for yourself, the many instances of life can, at any given moment, send you on a whirlwind of tangents and unexpected destinations. These changes forge the characteristics that make us who ...
From skewered beef cubes to pricey Kobe, people will spend what they can for a slice of heaven.
When I met Takayuki Hayano (or Taka, if you're savvy) for the first time, he has just opened Wagyu Japanese Beef in Bonifacio Global City; his business partners Lexington Chua and Clar Chia Siy were greenhorn restauranteurs. Now, they are an established ...
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