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The brand released five new versions of the folding 714SM style.
"The King of Cool." I mean, just imagine that being your nickname. By which I guess I mean just imagine being Steve McQueen, because that was indeed his nickname. And it still holds up. Sure, the definition of what's cool and uncool—both on-screen and ...
Come December, bidding begins on two iconic watch styles from two equally iconic Hollywood legends.
Forget separating the artist from his art. For a certain type of collector, it's all about separating the artist from Diehard watch enthusiasts are as enthralled with proximity to celebrity as the rest of us. An association with a big-name star ...
His style has stood the test of time because he took the simplest garments and wore them with rebellious flair and elegance. Here’s how to do it.
Steve McQueen is one of the major icons of men’s style. The King of Cool, as he was called, was the man that guys wanted to be in the ‘60s and ‘70s (when he starred in classics such as the Thomas Crown ...
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